CW Virtual Panel & New Walker 1.01 Pilot Episode Still

Lindsey spoke about her upcoming role in Walker at the CW’s Virtual Panel on 15 January 2021.

Morgan added, “When I signed onto this show, it was pre the BLM movement, pre-Covid, and pre-everything. While I was waiting for the show to begin, the world begun to drastically change, and I feel like the show that I had spoken to Anna about prior, was also changing with it. It became this unexpected blessing. Suddenly a show about law enforcement in a very divided state such as Texas means so much more now in our world today than it would have pre-2020.”

“From my position, and the character I play, a big obstacle and learning challenge I face daily is where do I fit as a Mexican woman in a majority Caucasian law enforcement team, in a state that is, for the history of it, has been conservative and not caring too much about marginalizing communities and immigrants. I love that my character is placed in these two worlds, and these two warring communities and hoping to be a liaison, and hoping we can tell a story of tolerance — from two perspectives. And, also, not a story of which side is right. But this is where we are, and this is who we are, and what are we doing about it next,” explained Morgan.

Source: Deadline

A new Walker 1.01 Pilot episode still featuring Lindsey as Micki Ramirez has also been added to the gallery. Previews and links are available below:

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