ET Online Walker Interview

Lindsey spoke about her upcoming role in Walker with ET Online.

Helping Cordell on that journey is his new partner, Micki Ramirez, who very much keeps him on his toes and levels up in wit, toughness, street smarts and intelligence.

“I felt very close to this character, who she was in her core and how she’s grown up in these worlds and had the experiences that she had with racism and sexism, especially growing up in Texas. That’s a big plight of hers and her story felt very personal to my story and I loved how much of a pioneer she was,” Morgan tells ET. “She’s so fearless in breaking new ground and being a crusader of who she is and what she embodies and single-handedly trying to change law enforcement in the state of Texas, where it can be very divided. But I see her as a liaison to all kinds of communities and she’s hoping to create change within the greater sphere of Texas and law enforcement and society by being that middle person and hopefully bringing two different perspectives that weren’t seeing eye-to-eye together and finding a more tolerant ground to live on. To me, that felt like such a beautiful purpose and beautiful cause.”

Morgan also offered a glimpse into Micki’s working dynamic with Cordell, calling them evenly matched Texas Rangers.

“I love their dynamic. It’s not the same run of the mill where you have two new partners where either they hate each other at first and then fall in love or they’re instantly attracted to each other and it’s romance from the start. I love that they’re two different people who very much have their own agenda and their own lives and they’re being forced together. But because they’re together, they’re learning so much about themselves by meeting the other person and by seeing the other person and by learning from that other person,” she said. “I feel Walker brings out a little more out of Micki than she is allowing herself to be. Micki feels restrained at work and she has to be a certain type of way. She feels like she has to be completely by the book and she has to be always toeing the line because she has a lot on the line by being one of the first women, first Latina and Mexican American members on the force.”

Source: ET Online

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